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introduction to fashion design man

(course is also suitable for beginners)

Creativity is difficult to explain, especially in fashion. Designer must be able to express his/ her creations through sketches and drawings. The aim of the course is to prepare students for the realities of the professional world fashion, not only by developing individualís creativity, but also by acquiring all the skills needed to work in the fashion industry. This course is particularly designed to mirror the actual working experience, not only of theoretical study.

The course consists of two modules:
-a part manual, in which students will realize their prototype, studying the characteristics of the human figure by freehand drawing;
-a part Computer assisted, in which students upload his/ her prototypes into computer and colors them using Photoshop to achieve a life-like result.

In detail, introduction to:
-Techniques of freehand drawing
-Fabrics Computer assisted (Photoshop)
-Computer assisted (Illustrator)
-Planning a collection
-Creation of a collection
-Special Projects
-Creating a portfolio

Course Dates

The course starts every Monday (the school is open all year)

Duration and schedule

4 weeks , Monday to Thursday , 9:30am to 12:30 and 2pm to 5pm

1'708.- Euro VAT included


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