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Angelo Russica, an Italian with Sicilian origin, founded Milan Fashion Campus in 1996.

Following the completion of his fashion studies in Milan, Angelo Russica made his first step into the fashion world assisting Giorgio Correggiari, where he also met Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana). After a year in the Military services, he returned to the fashion industry working for the Italian company Barbas (Menswear Collection). Subsequently, he had one of his most exciting professional experience working as assistant designer for Gianni Versace. For 5 years, Angelo participated in Women's Wear and Menswear collections through the brands Genny, Spazio and Versus. Later Angelo left Italy for Spain: There he worked with Induyco – El Corte Inglés in Madrid. Four years later, he returned to Italy and started working as a consultant for Gruppo Marzotto, Miroglio Vestebene, Gruppo Max Mara and also World Company, King Company, one of the most important apparel manufacturers in Japan.

Our Objectives

During his years working in the fashion industry, Angelo was frequently disappointed by young people who attended renowned fashion schools: Despite three years of study and having spent lots of money, students regretfully realized that they have not acquired a solid knowledge. Very often the graduates do not even have the possibility to do internship.

Angelo realized that so much more could be done. Consequently, he founded Milan Fashion Campus with the purpose of giving young people the chance to learn about the world of fashion design without spending a fortune for it. It aims to provide industrial know-how in a practical and realistic manner as how things are done in a professional environment.


Since founded, Milan fashion Campus has successfully nurtured numerous students, helping them to reach their goals. In 2003, the school also extended its lessons by offering course through the internet.


Our Methods
Our programs are flexible and are tailored individually according to students' interests and needs. Small classes enable students to receive constant attention and feedback on their technical and creative skills. Lessons are taught in English, Italian and Spanish. Translators for other languages are possible upon special requirement.

Our Campus enjoys an international environment with students from over the world. This provides intercultural exchange where attendees can expand their vision of the world and experience new cultures that will stimulate inspiration while immersing in Italy’s Fashion capital.


Our Students

There is no age limitation or qualification requirement to attend our courses. One can start from the basic level or choose any specialization courses to enhance their knowledge.



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